Wellness Coordinator

Karna Stuchlik R.D., L.D.

About Me
I am a registered dietitian with over four years of experience in an inpatient clinical setting. About two years into my clinical practice, I started getting involved with wellness, by teaching classes for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. I was instantly hooked on wellness! It was such a shift for me to work with healthy people, after seeing only very sick people for my entire career, and I loved it.

I began seeking out opportunities to improve my knowledge of implementing health and wellness programs, and the more I learned, the more I knew I wanted to be involved in helping healthy people stay healthy.

Working with the Lee's Summit School District has been the culmination of my dream to work in health promotion, and I am learning more every day. 

Personally, I have a wonderful husband and daughter who make me laugh and keep me sane. I love to run, although I am not at all fast. And I truly believe that everyone is a runner, they just don't start slowly, or stick with it, long enough. I created the Lee's Summit R-7 Running Club to convert more "non-runners" into lifetime runners, who will then convert others...like a very healthy pyramid scheme.

Please contact me with any health or wellness questions you may have, or to set up one-on-one coaching to help you meet your wellness goals




My wonderful family