Blue Cross Blue Shield August Webinars & Wellness Articles

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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) has both live classes and pre-recorded classes on demand available to you, which allows you to view any of the available BCBS classes 24 hours a day! Below is a list of the August classes:
1.  Weigh To Go: Designed for people who are seeking structured, individualized and effective weight-loss program. This class provides each participant with a specific calorie level and meal plan to promote gradual and consistent weight loss. The Registered Dietitian will provide nutrition information and activities that assist in making changes that promote successful weight loss.
August 2 - September 20 / Noon-1pm

2.  Tobacco Free and Healthy: Forget the shame and fear-based approach to quitting. This program empowers participants with the skills and support necessary to quit ad stay quit. The first week is designed to help with preparation to quit. The second weeks focuses on quitting with additional meeting and support available. And the remaining sessions are designed to support staying tobacco-free on a day-to-day basis and prevent relapse. The facilitator will also address concern related to weight gain and managing stress.
August 16 - September 20 / 11:00am-12:00pm

The On Demand classes for August are:

1.  Know Your Numbers
Blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, glucose, BMI... the numbers go on and on! But what do they mean? Participants will learn what their numbers mean and what they can do to improve their numbers, and when these numbers indicate it's time to see a healthcare professional.

2.  Pre-Diabetes: It's Not Too Late
Participants will explore the different forms of diabetes, the possible signs or symptoms, how it is diagnosed and effective treatment plans.

3.  Thinking About Quitting?
Participants will learn they have a choice and smoking is a habit that can be broken. The instructor will discuss barriers to quitting, local resources for quitting, and review the latest in tobacco-cessation aids.

4.  Healthy Lunches: Eating In or Out
Lunch is key to keeping energy high and avoiding the mid-day slump. A little extra time in prep will pay great dividends in your pocket book and your health. Participants will learn new ideas for a healthy lunch box.

5.  Balanced Budget, Balanced Diet
Learn to prepare healthy delicious meals within a tight budget for your family. Participants will virtually navigate their way around the grocery store to find the healthiest and most economical options.

6.  Simplify Your Life
Learn practical methods to help you prioritize your time. Participants will discover alternative mindsets including living with tolerance, living in the present, the importance of downtime, and how to appreciate that less can be more.

You can register now for ongoing classes by visiting the following link:

All classes are free of charge for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members. Non-members are allowed to participate in the classes, but there are non-member fees associated with some of the classes. One time presentations are free of charge for everyone. Each class description indicates whether or not there is an additional participant fee for non-members that participate.


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