Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness Webinars-September, 2010

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Below is information from Blue Cross Blue Shield regarding Webinars available in September as well as some great wellness tips.  All of this information can also be found on our Winning With Wellness Site at: 


Please utilize the links below to register for your selected Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City webinar.  Each presentation is aired live and recorded. If you are unable to attend the webinar at the scheduled time, you can still enroll in the presentation and view the recordings later.  All series classes are available for 1 week and one time presentation are available for 2 weeks after the original presentation. The link to view the recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours after the presentation.


All classes are free of charge for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members. Non-members are allowed to participate in the classes, there are non-member fees associated with some of the classes. One time presentations are free of charge for everyone. Each class description indicates whether or not there is an additional participant fee for non-members that participate.


NutriWise – Click here to register


      September 7-October 26

      12:00-1:00 PM CST

      Free for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members

      $75.00 for non-Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City members

An 8-week program to improve health through three key principles: 1) building a foundation of nutrition knowledge; 2)real-life strategies to improve nutrition and physical activity; and 3) motivation through realistic goal setting and tracking progress.8 consecutive weeks/1 hour a week

      8 consecutive weeks/1 hour a week

      Taught by Registered Dietitian



Balanced Budget, Balanced Diet – Click here to register

      Tuesday, September 7

      4:30-5:30 PM CST

      Free for everyone

Learn to prepare healthy delicious meals within a tight budget for your family. Participants will virtually navigate their way around the grocery store to find the healthiest and most economical options.

      1 time/1 hour


Know Your Numbers--Click here to register

      Monday, September 13

      3:00-4:00 PM CST

      Free for everyone

Blood pressure, cholesterol, lipids, glucose, BMI…the numbers go on and on!  But what do they all mean?  Participants will learn what their numbers mean and what they can do to improve their numbers, and when these numbers indicate it’s time to see a healthcare professional.

      1 time/1 hour



Cancer Prevention:  Simply Put– Click Here to Register

      Wednesday, September 15

      12:00-1:00 PM CST

      Free for everyone

      Everything doesn’t cause cancer, but join us to learn what you can do to prevent your risks.   In this class, we will discuss the importance of working with your health care team for appropriate screenings and the importance of self-screenings.   Also addressed will be the importance of a healthy diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables (especially those high in anti-oxidants,) regular physical activity and how the importance of keeping your life in balance can reduce your risk. 

       1 time/1 hour


Thinking About Quitting--Click here to register

      Friday, September 17

      11:00-12:00 PM CST

      Free for everyone

Participants will learn they have a choice and smoking is a habit that can be broken. The instructor will discuss barriers to quitting, local resources for quitting, and review the latest in tobacco-cessation aids.

      1 time/1 hour


Making the Most of Your 10 Minute Break – Click here to register

      Monday September 20

      3:00-4:00 PM CST

      Free for everyone

Ten minutes may not seem like a long time, but it can be just enough time to calm your mind and relax your body. Participants learn simple techniques that can be done quickly for greater relaxation and peace of mind.

      1 time/1 hour

If you have any questions regarding the Blue Cross Blue Shield Webinars, please feel free to contact Rachel Schieber at Well*Life


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