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Exercise is a great pick me up! It helps you fight heart disease, depression, weight gain and other health-sabotaging conditions.


Exercise can boost your immune system, and is good for your mind and body.


Whether you hate to exercise or you’re already exercising on a regular basis, you should know the benefits of exercise are endless.




  • Is fun! – When you are having fun, your stress levels are reduced.
  • Can help you sleep better
  • Improves your mood – Goodbye blues and hello happy!
  • Helps with weight management – Extra pounds increases your risk of health problems.
  • Gives you energy – You won’t need caffeine when you have exercise!
  • Fights off chronic diseases – Heart disease, osteoporosis and type II diabetes included.


The health benefits from exercise are remarkable, but now what? Often, people are under the impression that they have to join a gym to get fit. The gym idea works for some people and doesn’t work for others. There are many ways to get fit without joining a gym:


  • Walking – With friends, pets or by yourself, as long as you challenge yourself, walking can be as beneficial as running!
  • Yard work – Gardening, mowing, and shoveling snow all work to increase your heart rate and strength.
  • Sports – Recreational sports are a great way to get involved, build camaraderie and participate in the sport(s) you love. Team sports are great because your teammates hold you accountable and you’re less likely to skip a workout or game.
  • Cycling – Dust off your old bicycle and start peddling! Cycling is a low-impact exercise that has the ability to improve your cardiovascular health, emotional health and sleep habits. Practice bike safety by wearing a helmet and/or other protective gear.
  • Swimming – Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that benefits your whole body, including the heart and lungs. It is especially fun in the summer time!
  • A home gym – A home gym lets you create your own workout space, wherever you see fit. An exercise ball, mat and free weights can be a good starting point.


Make sure you choose an exercise regimen that fits into your life and makes you happy. If your regimen becomes stressful or upsetting, it is probably time to re-evaluate. Your goal should be to have fun, get fit, and be healthy.


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Source: The Mayo Clinic

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