Wellness Screenings/Insurance Requirements

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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will be bringing in their team to provide health screenings at 7 locations in the Fall. Get your height, weight, waist circumference, body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose all checked on site.

New this year: FLU SHOTS!!!! You will also have an opportunity to get your flu shot at the health screenings.

The health screening will NOT be required to receive a flu shot. More information regarding the Health Screenings and Flu Shots will follow in September. Be sure to mark this on your calendar:

September 30       Lee's Summit High School                      9am-6pm

October 1             Facility Services and Transportation        7am-3pm

October 5             Prairie View Elementary                         9am-6pm

October 7             Stansberry Leadership Center                 9am-6pm

October 8             Stansberry Leadership Center                 9am-6pm

October 11            Lee's Summit West High School            9am-6pm

2011 Health Insurance Requirements

In order to qualify for the lower pharmacy or annual health insurance deductibles for 2011, employees will be required to again complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) survey AND have a health screening/annual physical in the year 2010.

The HRA will be completed during open enrollment. More detailed information will be available in the Fall regarding Open Enrollment and the various plans that will be offered in 2011.

If you have previously seen your physician this year or have an appointment scheduled with your physician and had/will have lab work completed, you will need to submit one of the following forms of documentation to Michelle Thielmann, SLC, no later than January 4, 2011:

1. Physician Note (needs to state screenings were completed)

2. Copy of Explanation of Benefits Form from Blue Cross Blue Shield

3. Copy of receipt showing payment for services


4. Wellness Exam Verification Form (attached below this post)

 Please note: If you are going to attend one of the BCBS Health Screenings, you do NOT need to submit the above information.

Please do

NOT send your lab results. Your lab results are confidential and personal.
May 12, 2010, 10:33 AM